7. Illinois: We could build a similar house on land (We had actually found comparable-sized land in another town back at home) Doing so would cost us at least $200,000 more than buying the Grand Rapids house. You can also make it at home by boiling pure maple syrup until it hardens.Â, A serving of maple sugar contains more than half of your daily recommended intake of manganese. This glycemic index ranks foods based on how quickly it causes your blood sugar to rise.Â, Blood sugar spikes can cause tiredness and hunger soon after a meal. Cons of Planting Maple Trees (Tonya’s viewpoint) The allure of maple trees is undeniable. High levels of sugar consumption can pose health risks like: While maple sugar’s lower glycemic index helps prevent blood sugar spikes, it can still raise your blood sugar level. Here comes the tree you have been waiting for: Osakazuki Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki’). It is a fungus … I have heard pros and cons for all of these Maple trees. Pros and cons of the Autumn blaze maple tree It may also be a time of the year when one thinks about getting more of that red leaf color in our own yard. Pros: Because they’re sugar-free, they’re considered suitable for diabetes. Its higher heat and drought tolerance comes at the cost of less vivid, greenish-gold to orange fall foliage. Prolonged high blood sugar can cause insulin resistance, where sugars get stored as fat instead. Sugar maple is a wide-ranging and im-portant hardwood tree-a component of 23 forest types in the United States and Canada. Even coloring gives maple a sleek, subdued look that lets your furniture take center stage. More research is needed to confirm these findings, but studies support the anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting effects of antioxidants found in maple sugar. Their growing season of less than three to nearly 10 months begins between the third week of March and the second week of June, with average first frost dates falling between September 1 and November 10. As days shorten and temperatures cool, foliage-stored nutrients and energy move to the trees' roots. There are a lot of benefits to purchasing maple flooring. I don't see too many October Glory Maples around. In the right conditions, sugar maples can grow as much as 1 foot annually to 70 to 100 feet, with a 60- to 80-foot spread. You can use less in the kitchen to get the same effect. Sugar maple is the second most common tree in the Northeast. Pros: Maple syrup contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, calcium, and potassium. Her thousands of published articles cover topics from travel and gardening to pet care and technology. This can depend on its source, however. Studies show that high-sugar diets are linked with a greater risk of heart disease. Size: Maple trees usually grow to 50 to 75 feet high in the wild, but when they are used for home landscapes they stay around 20 to 30 f… If you are growing sugar maple at home, then make sure that the soil is well drained, fertile, and has good texture. Monk fruit powder is reportedly 200 times sweeter than sugar. Sugar maples leaves get their fall coloring from anthocyanins they manufacture late in the growing season. Fusarium Wilt or Verticillium Wilt. It’s also slightly lower on the glycemic index scale than table sugar. One study found that maple sugar reduces ammonia formation in the blood, which, in high levels, can cause liver disease.Â, Maple sugar contains inulin, a complex carbohydrate that has prebiotic properties. High blood sugar also interferes with leptin, a hormone that helps regulate our feeling of hunger. The sugar maple (fig. Celebration® Maple, Acer x freemanii ‘Celzam’, is a fast growing, seedless selection of Freeman Maple. Maintain the moisture conditions of the soil, ensuring there’s no water clogging or dampness. The Southern sugar maple (Acer saccharum subsp. In southern states, the trees occur only at elevations between 3,000 and 5,500 feet. Sugar Maple. I read on another website that they are not hardy. This effect can cause us to overeat, consuming excess calories that lead to weight gain. Maple trees are a hardwood and are known for their beautiful fall colors as well as the fact that they are used to make maple syrup. Maple Flooring Pros and Cons Maple Flooring Advantages One of the biggest advantages for maple is that it is widely available and there is plenty of choice; plus, because it is sourced locally and responsibly in the USA, it is better for the environment than exotic hardwoods. The cons of planting maple trees range from disease to the … The optimal pH should range from 5.5-7.3. The Temperature Tolerance of the American Sycamore, Arbor Day Foundation: Maple, Sugar (Acer Saccharum), Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute: SelecTree Tree Detail Record -- Southern Sugar Maple, USDA Natural Resosurces Conservation Service: Plants Profile -- Acer Barbatum (Southern Sugar Maple), Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation: Natural Heritage --The Natural Communities of Virginia Classification of Ecological Community Groups, The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority's LandOwner Resource Centre: Ontario Extension Notes -- Sugar Maples, How to Grow Mandarin Oranges & Information on the Type of Soil. Sugar maple (Acer saccharum) Littleleaf linden (Tilia cordata) Red maple (Acer rubrum) Northern red oak (Quercus borealis) Tuliptree (Liriodendron tulipifera) Pin Oak (Quercus palustris) AUTHOR A. M. TOWNSEND is Research Geneticist, Shade Tree and Ornamental Plants Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service, Delaware, Ohio. 4. This hybrid of the native silver maple (Acer saccharinum) and the red maple (Acer rubrum) is a very fast growing specimen. Pros & Cons of Red Maple Trees By Elizabeth Jennings Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Sign Up to Receive Our Free Coroanvirus Newsletter, Becoming a Vegetarian: Foods to Choose From. The antioxidants in maple sugar may also protect against liver damage. One of these antioxidants, quebecol, is only found in pure maple products. As urban-park and large-landscape specimens, they shine. It also contains minerals and antioxidants, and research suggests these may offer health benefits over other sweeteners.Â, Consuming any sugar in high amounts is linked with health issues and chronic disease, however. And maple “finishes” well: it’s easy to add stains and glazes. Crisp green foliage turns an attractive golden-yellow with red hues in fall. Nurseries get to sell you a bigger tree years quicker and customers get the shade they want sooner. “The Relationship of Sugar to Population-Level Diabetes Prevalence: An Econometric Analysis of Repeated Cross-Sectional Data.”, Stanford Medicine: “Diabetic-level glucose spikes seen in healthy people.”}.Â, University of Rochester: “Manganese.”, University of Sydney: “Glycemic Index Search Tool.”. Weight gain and prolonged high blood sugar are both linked with diabetes. This switch is most obvious during the burgundy stage, when anthocyanins and chlorophyll mix. With dozen of cultivars on the market, the best ones for the Central Great Plains are ‘Caddo’, ‘John Pair’, ‘Legacy’, ‘Oregon Trail’, and ‘Fall Fiesta’. The sugar maple is the dominant tree in much of eastern North America’s climax hardwood forest, from Lake Superior to Pennsylvania (even further south in mountainous regions) and from the Eastern seaboard to the Prairies. And they don’t give you any empty calories because they are essentially calorie-free.
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