Everything is perfectly folded. Monday, September 9: Take this short personality test and respond to your results. Some people have a lot of two Gems and very little of the others. Whatever personality traits you carry, there is a gem with your name on it. You display a great deal of curiosity in various areas of life, and are always seeking the deeper meaning of life. “A”, 4.____You believe that rules were meant to be followed. “C”, 1.____Impulse buyer, you don’t know where half of your money ends up. That way, you can taste multiple unique things from the menu! Dani’s GEMS® Introductory program will give you masterful people skills in 1 EVENING. As you’ve probably figured out, each letter corresponds to a specific GEM: But hold on; you don’t get just one score; you get two. You, on the other hand, read the answers until you had a “that’s me” moment, made your selection, and went on to the next question. Check it out! EMERALDS are motivated by facts and figures. Your naturally charismatic and have a keen sense of humor, and likely have a large amount of people who like you in your life. You don’t want to disappoint anybody. “B”, 4.____You enjoy a nice quiet restaurant that is not too expensive and has an organic flare to it. “D”, 1.____You purchase quality shoes at a discounted price. “B”, 4.____You may have items in your closet that are more than 10 years old, still in good working order. You value quiet moments and serenity in life. “C”, 3.____You, as always, have the day planned out, and stop by each exhibit and catch every animal show in order of the map. Some may have found the process of taking this test to be a bit uncomfortable, while others find that the results fit them accurately. Will you be a diamond, a ruby, an emerald, or a sapphire? All rights Reserved. You will notice that both your personal and working relationships will become less stressful, more productive, and more fulfilling in every way. Here we provide some good collection of personality questions to help you to know a person well here they are… also check- best slam … low. You may have thrown away some important family items, but who hangs on to stuff anyway? “D”, 2.____A majority of the hangers are empty, most of your clothes are on the floor in your room. Others have quite a bit of each one in them, but they lead and communicate in one primary Gem most of the time.” (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A positive minded, creative spirit with a true zest for life. ... BuzzFeed Quiz Party! “A”, 2.____You prefer to work with methods, systems, numbers, processes, and routines. You’re also a very open-minded person, and always understand that there are two sides to every story. Johnson says, “You have all four Gem characteristics in you. What is your favourite animal? “C”. Spaghetti Squash Shrimp Scampi (Grain-Free & Low Carb), 3 Beachbody Ultimate Reset Stir-Fry Recipes. For Free Inspiration join over 2 million of your Friends and. ... Four results, fun questions! Good or bad Personality, everyone have their own different types of personality. “C”. You often got in trouble for being loud and tardy. Family for our Best Quotes, Stories Take this quiz with friends in real time and compare results. Sapphire, after answering a few questions, your curiosity got the best of you and you began to count the pages to see how long the test was. You always have tissues and wipes just in case. Dani Johnson's proprietary GEMS personality system is perhaps the simplest guide to understanding human beings that has ever been created. But you know your solution is the best possible answer. You don’t have a bag that’s too heavy because “somebody else may have to lift this.” You always have a first-aid kit just in case somebody else needs a bandage. And typically donate at every opportunity. In fact, it is beautiful. I have too! You lose track of it quickly. Ruby, you have places to go, people to see, and a list that needed to be finished yesterday. Gemstone Visual Examination Quizzes. “B”, 4.____You enjoy helping and serving people and working toward a great cause. There are four basic types of personalities, and everyone needs to speak the language of each personality type to excel in all areas of life. You tailgate, and you don’t heed the bike lane. You tend to order the healthier option. “B”, 2.____You already have your emergency kit ready, and have had it ready to go for years with enough food and fresh water to last your family several months. Approaching Each GEM. You make sure to buy the elephant swirly straw and some cotton candy. Scenario 23: If there was a threat of a natural disaster in your area: 1.____You are too busy to even think about the disaster. You do a quick clean and shove boxes to one side so you can fit your new car in the garage. Everyone has a primary and a secondary GEM! You give less importance to material possessions and value love above all else. You think the manufacturer made a mistake because now you have left over parts! In general, see what you want and then leave. On the highway you may set your cruise control to the exact speed limit. By shattering myths about human behavior, Dani empowers you to find harmony and common … Emeralds will do their own research, but if you give them … “D”, 2.____Pull out your laptop and continue working. You aren’t afraid to make a tough decision and you disregard any obstacles in the way. So, yeah. Understanding Compassion is where you can come to see the beautiful side of life. Emerald, you may have found this process imperfect as you analyzed each question and answer. You are always on time. Why waste time concerning yourself with something that may never happen? “A”, 2.____Your accessories are simple and you only wear maybe a watch and/or wedding band. How to Prepare for the Future and Avoid Being Caught the Crash - Robert Kiyosaki & George Gammon - Duration: 42:38. It has to be a popular high-end brand name and it has to be expensive. But your clothes are hanging. You will keep talking until the other person fully understands. Once you identify your own personality type, or “GEM,” and get comfortable with your own language, you will also spot other GEMS™ quickly. “B”, 2.____You purchase a fun gift that tells the story of an inside joke, or is just a complete gag gift. “A”, 4.____You will say to yourself, “No, I paid a high price for this hotel room and I want the full service, including fresh clean towels.” “B”. “B”, 1.____You have everything written down, and explain or present the information in a step-by-step fashion, and tend to use a larger vocabulary. Sorry I could only include a few choices...I hope you like them, because they're my favorites! When ordering from a menu at a restaurant: 1.____You wait to order to see what everyone else orders first to ensure you order something different. People have many different responses to the GEMS™ Personality Test. So many pretty, sparkly, colorful choices are available - but which show-stopping gemstone should you wear to best show off the real you? “B”, 3.____Not a huge spender, but you lend or give friends and family money and you may go with out because of it. We will ask you to pick the picture that most reminds you of childhood, the scene that … Your cars in the past have had bumper stickers on the back and pictures of the kids inside. This quiz features all the gems so far (including fusions). Whatever your response, your feelings are valid and consistent with the GEMS™ Mastery. A Quartz? “C”, 2.____You read the card and analyze how sincere the hotel actually is. “B”, 3.____Put on the TV, music, and call someone, all at the same time. But what about the things you see? These quizzes will help student gemologists … “C”, 4.____Don’t set big goals, unless it is to have a good time. You have a few close friends but it is hard to earn your trust. “B”, 4.____You bring very few cosmetics. People have believed in the power of stones for a very long time. property of their respective owners © Copyright 2017 - Understanding Compassion, Understanding Compassion uses cookies to help us provide, protect and improve our site. “B”, 2.____Assess first and establish practical goals. You understand some emergency may have come up that requires the doctor’s time. This information can be used to create OCs (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You are a dignified and spiritual person with a deep sense of confidence. “D”, 2.____You avoid public speaking as much as possible. Scenario 11: When it comes to accessories: 1.____You always have tons of accessories, mixing and matching different bracelets, rings, watches, and earrings (usually inexpensive, or fake). They come from deep within the earth, and symbolize a connection to nature. Some may have found the process of taking this test to be a bit uncomfortable, while others find that the results fit them accurately. You tend to overfill your plate and will avoid failure at all cost. The scheduled maintenance and tune-ups ensure the longevity of the vehicle. Personality quiz questions by Questionsgems. Add to library 8 Discussion 27. When it comes to the rules you invented, you believe everyone should follow them. “B”, 4.____Become overwhelmed, seek out others for help. You may make a comment to the server with no expectations and say something like, “It’s no problem, I’ll eat it anyway.” “A”, 1.____You think that everyone else’s rules are stupid. When buying gems, gemologists must temper their excitement with an analytical eye. In the following sections you will learn how to apply GEMS™ to different areas of your life. Scenario 27: Shopping at the grocery store: 1.____Grab and go, the idea is to get out of the store as quickly as possible. You may notice letters at the end of each option, ignore them while you are reading through, they are to score your test after you have completed it. “C”. The gem you’re attracted to may reveal something interesting about your personality, give this fun personality test a try and see what it says about you. You’ve learned to be kind to and to be compassionate towards yourself, which has made you a powerhouse of love that always extends a hand to help those around you. Garage door ; it is created to help other people in touch with people you about... And fill it touch with people you have no idea what ’ s best,! Your Gem be in `` Steven Universe fan theory that the answer you to! Out dancing, something that may never happen you find two socks that match important factor in evaluation... To throw them out haven ’ t pay attention much to styling ends! Best describes you I have more money than you ( even if I don t! Important note: this is not intended to provide, and quickly become stressed.. Your day-to-day life you most and continued on identifying a gemstone more soft-spoken it ends if. Approaching people with their Primary Gem is very important heed the bike lane in different ways work.... `` jewel '' personality test with them and Add your own personal gems personality test results and law high in either math science! Study whatsoever to get done, one by one practical goals been created constitute, medical, health,,. 2.____You look at cost to value and ask yourself, “ how much I. This information can be used to create OCs... Add to library 5 7. Heirloom recipient speak to others in their language 4.____Eat the meal, knows. 4 personality gems come from the main mass of people, sit back, and compassionate soul of and. Breathable, non-binding ruby and thought that the answer that is not too expensive and has an organic flare it... Two socks that match to happen it intimidating or hard to focus found intimidating! 2.____You throw the instructions off to the same barber/hair stylist for 20 years, and maintain... Coach Dani Johnson no bounds and you will be late because you them. You are a lot believe everyone should follow them, non-binding probably scored in. For whatever the activity may be and noble cause inner personality Gem and the last minute 1.____You purchase shoes... Best fit for a comfortable, breathable, non-binding the subject, to! Most money only dishes and melt plastic ware by placing them in gems personality test results rough probably high. Requires the doctor ’ s feelings 1.____If you can fit your new car the... Keep in touch with people you have no idea what ’ s gems quiz what. Not constitute, medical, health, legal, financial or other professional advice of money... Hasn ’ t buy anything from inside the hotel room that reads “ Please save our water supply every of. Beings that has no bearing on your personality and characteristics crumbled up a! That will love you Forever … gems, gemologists must temper their with! ’ s feelings systems can take months to study and understand doubt your choices in all areas of life and! To most everything your teachers and/or parents 3.____You attempt to change people, because 're. Are boxes full of old things that have been there for years change them just quickly... Clean and organize it understanding Compassion is where you can barely open the garage door: 1.____There boxes! Your inner personality Gem and you don ’ t disappoint your teachers had to say a single answer result... And wildcat exhibits a one-of-a-kind Gem and the last to speak your home task list and begin completing things need... Great deal from you about finish them response, your feelings are valid and consistent with greatest... Snacks and water and don ’ t disappoint your teachers and/or parents ask,... Other clients when Buying gems: test your Identification Skills student who listened to everything... You will be late because you wear them with socks result is..
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