The Pillalamarri Temple of Suryapet (Telangana state) is dated back to almost 1000 years and is considered to be one of the oldest ancient temples in Nalgonda District of Telangana state. D. Supporting KCR’s fast | Accessibility. d. Rayyat – Borugula Ramakrishna Rao Start preparing for TSPSC Groups from now. | Disclaimer Against a section 14f C. Person appointed to regulate the use of water from the village tanks A. Sedyachandrika B. Neelaguri Ans. 3. a. C. Diwakar Reddy b. C. Kamalakar Reddy 9. Where did the fourth world Telugu Conference take place? Police firing on protesters led to the death of about 369 youngsters during this phase of the agitation. Person appointed to remove silt from village tanks A. KM Munshi Match List I (books] with List (authors) 1871 Download Free VyomaDaily Online Classes for Competitive Exams. Reply. A. Nizam II B. Nizam IV Ans. Reply. of When a Congress leader made a belittling statement on the statehood movement in September 2006, KCR resigned to the Karimnagar Lok Sabha seat and won it with a thumping majority. 3 1 2 4 Telangana History has Some Important Steps are Involved form Maurya Period to 1956 period. 1951 B. Prataparudra divided the kingdom into 75 Nayakships which was later adopted and developed by the Rayas of Vijayanagara. Finally in 1323, Delhi army could lay seize on Warangal fort and capture Prataparudra, who, according to the legend, killed himself on the banks of the Narmada unwilling to surrender   when he was being taken as prisoner of war to Delhi. 1. It was also known as Haveli Khadeem, which means old mansion, wasconstructed for Sikander Jah, Asaf Jah III by his father Ali Khan Bahadur, Asaf Jah II. A. Erramanzil B. Falaknuma Palace c) Prataparudra d) Rudradeva c) Betaraju-II d) Prola raju-II 2 and 3 Siddartha, Saida Chary wrote poems on movement. Durgam Cheruvu–QutubShahi period Explanation: Suka saptati was written by Palavekari Kandireepati. Explanation: Chalukyas constructed Nava Bramha Temples in 6th Century. In the end, TRS could win only 10 MLA seats and 2 MP seats. A. Prolaraju- I B. ProlaRaju – II DurgamCheruvu 2. A. Samadeva Suri B. Pampa Kavi Siddartha, Saida Chary wrote poems on movement. Hyderabad Public School was established in the year A detailed research into this period is yet to take place. 92. 73. Osman Sagar 2. D. Indra varma 1 2 3 4 A) Prataparudra 1. However, the first capital was either ignored or brushed aside to give prominence to the later place in coastal Andhra. Kavivatsala Explanation: Some scholars believe that Nagarjuna was an advisor to a king of the Satavahana dynasty been Yajñasri Satakarni. Sir William Emerson B. Richard Houstan a) Beta Raju-I b) Prola raju-I D. Ampasayya Naveen, Dr. J. Bapu Reddy – 2016 recipient Explanation:Jai Telangana Party Indra Reddy; Nava Telangana Party – DevenderGoud; TalliTelagana Party – Narendra; Telangana SadhanaSamithi – Vijayashanthi, 91. Dhulikatta One of the first five disciples of the Buddha, Kondanna is a typical name from Telangana and though there is no exact information about his native place, the earliest known Buddhist township of Kondapur in Medak district is believed to be after him.
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