Odysseus and other envoys of Agamemnon travel to Scyros to recruit Achilles because of a prophecy that Troy could not be taken without him. Nestor suggests that they allow the captive Trojans decide the winner. Return to Ithaca (1946) by Eyvind Johnson is a more realistic retelling of the events that adds a deeper psychological study of the characters of Odysseus, Penelope, and Telemachus. Odysseus arranges further for the sounding of a battle horn, which prompts Achilles to clutch a weapon and show his trained disposition. Odysseus returns to the Argive camp with Philoctetes and his arrows.[37]. Hermes then gives him important information, that circe is ahead and his only chance of survival is to eat the plant moly. Odysseus has now revealed himself in all his glory (with a little makeover by Athena); yet Penelope cannot believe that her husband has really returned—she fears that it is perhaps some god in disguise, as in the story of Alcmene (mother of Heracles)—and tests him by ordering her servant Euryclea to move the bed in their wedding-chamber. Showing pure perseverance, Odysseus fought in a ten year war and then traveled for ten more years to get home to his wife and son. He also kept in mind the future of his people, fitting for the future Father of Rome. While they escape, Polyphemus cries in pain, and the other Cyclopes ask him what is wrong. This is evidence enough for the Greeks, and they have Palamedes stoned to death. (~1194-1184 BCE) ancient conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans, written about by ancient poets and historians in works such as the Iliad. From her, he learns for the first time news of his own household, threatened by the greed of Penelope's suitors. Note: In calculating the moving wall, the current year is not counted. Odysseus tells the serving women who slept with the suitors to clean up the mess of corpses and then has those women hanged in terror. This situation is also an important factor that leads to his rebirth, when he at last is free and ready to resume his journey to Ithaca. Test 1: The Cyclopes - On the journey home, Odysseus and his 12 ships were blown off course and landed on an island full of cyclopes. Other sources say that Odysseus and Diomedes goad Palamedes into descending a well with the prospect of treasure being at the bottom. Odysseus’ cleverness also played a big role in his journey home. “The Story of the Sailor Who Went Inland.” In Folklore Today: A Festschrift for Richard M. Dorson, edited by Linda Dégh, Henry Glassie, and Felix Oinas, 221-230. After winning the war, he now must endure a … Cursed by Poseidon, god of the sea, but favored by Athena, goddess of wisdom, Odysseus sails the eastern Mediterranean for 10 years before reaching his home and family on the island of Ithaca. Odysseus must recover them and drag them back to the ships so they can continue their journey home. Telamonian Ajax ("The Greater"), however, is the volunteer who eventually fights Hector. He washes ashore on the island of Ogygia, where Calypso compels him to remain as her lover for seven years. One tradition says Odysseus convinces a Trojan captive to write a letter pretending to be from Palamedes. After pleading in vain with Aeolus to help them again, they re-embark and encounter the cannibalistic Laestrygonians. Olisipo was Lisbon's name in the Roman Empire. The extraordinary length of Odysseus' return trip, which should take a matter of weeks, is due to his many antagonists, including the god Poseidon, the many mythical creatures he encounters, and Odysseus' often greedy and lazy crewmen. In S. M. Stirling's Island in the Sea of Time (1998), first part to his Nantucket series of alternate history novels, Odikweos ("Odysseus" in Mycenaean Greek) is a 'historical' figure who is every bit as cunning as his legendary self and is one of the few Bronze Age inhabitants who discerns the time-travellers' real background. The word odyssey is related to odysseus journey because the word odyssey means a long journey and odysseus journey home took him 20 years Odysseus protests that this cannot be done since he made the bed himself and knows that one of its legs is a living olive tree. To avoid helping rescue Helen, he decided to feign madness. This epic describes his travails, which lasted for 10 years, as he tries to return home after the Trojan War and reassert his place as rightful king of Ithaca. When Agamemnon, to test the morale of the Achaeans, announces his intentions to depart Troy, Odysseus restores order to the Greek camp. According to some late sources, most of them purely genealogical, Odysseus had many other children besides Telemachus, the most famous being: Most such genealogies aimed to link Odysseus with the foundation of many Italic cities in remote antiquity. Odysseus’ journey begins twenty years prior to the start of The Odyssey. Along with two other envoys, he is chosen in the failed embassy to try to persuade Achilles to return to combat. In the Cyclops, Odysseus used his clever techniques to blind the Cyclops and escape his cave. In a famous passage, Dante has Odysseus relate a different version of his voyage and death from the one told by Homer. On Odysseus journey home, he learned many lessons as on of them…he learned that he needs the help of others. Odysseus faced a number of obstacles on his way home from the Trojan War that Poseidon, god of the sea, placed in his way. Capture your students in action with these materials on storytelling and photography. [35] In any case, Odysseus is the winner. The poem’s events are told in chronological order, so that the encounter with the Cyclops is one of the movie’s first events, and Telemachus’s journey to Pylos and Sparta one of the last. ", “Sold by his father Sisyphus” (οὐδ᾽ οὑμπολητὸς Σισύφου Λαερτίῳ): Philoctetes in, Sirenen – Bilder des Begehrens und des Vernichtens, Prince Odysseas-Kimon of Greece and Denmark, Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, "μῆτις - Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon", Documentation on the "Villa romana de Olmeda", "Coen brothers' 'Inside Llewyn Davis' hits the right notes", "Archaeological discovery in Greece may be the tomb of Odysseus" from the, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Odysseus&oldid=991927194, Articles containing Ancient Greek (to 1453)-language text, Wikipedia pending changes protected pages, Articles having same image on Wikidata and Wikipedia, Articles containing Etruscan-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2013, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference, Wikipedia articles with BIBSYS identifiers, Wikipedia articles with CANTIC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SELIBR identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 15:41. and the other Cyclopes think he has gone mad. A few months ago – in the ‘time before Covid’ Bettany followed in the footsteps of the ancient Greek warrior and hero – wily Odysseus. to kill … Odysseus and his men journey to the Underworld, coming to the River Acheron. When you reach out to him or her, you will need the page title, URL, and the date you accessed the resource. (~750) ancient Greek epic poem featuring the adventures of the hero Odysseus (or Ulysses) in his journey throughout the Mediterranean Sea. work of fiction taking place within or associated with the world of another work of fiction. After travelling west and south for five months, they see in the distance a great mountain rising from the sea (this is Purgatory, in Dante's cosmology) before a storm sinks them. Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem "Ulysses" (published in 1842) presents an aging king who has seen too much of the world to be happy sitting on a throne idling his days away. Evil: Athena was helping Odysseus proceed throughout his journey while Poseidon cursed him with a rough voyage. The form Oulixēs (Οὐλίξης) is attested in an early source in Magna Graecia (Ibycus, according to Diomedes Grammaticus), while the Greek grammarian Aelius Herodianus has Oulixeus (Οὐλιξεύς). Homer stripped the protagonist of his arrogance as the story goes on, … Poseidon had been angry with the Greeks as they left Troy and sent a storm that destroyed many ships. They skirt the land of the Sirens, pass between the six-headed monster Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis, where they row directly between the two. What’s more modern, more human than this … Odysseus is probably best known as the eponymous hero of the Odyssey. He is most famous for his nostos, or "homecoming", which took him ten eventful years after the decade-long Trojan War. Use this geotour to follow Odysseus and his crew as they encounter nymphs and narcotics, cyclopes and sirens. People in ancient times did not use last names the way we do now. Odysseus is a legendary Greek hero and king of Ithaca who descended from the line of Hermes. Pausanias at the Description of Greece writes that at Pheneus there was a bronze statue of Poseidon, surnamed Hippios (Ancient Greek: Ἵππιος), meaning of horse, which according to the legends was dedicated by Odysseus and also a sanctuary of Artemis which was called Heurippa (Ancient Greek: Εὑρίππα), meaning horse finder, and was founded by Odysseus. © 1996 - 2020 National Geographic Society. Odysseus is one of the most recurrent characters in Western culture. Except for the influence that is made by the necessity to obey to woman, Odysseus’ interaction with Calypso doesn’t only make him change. The epic poem, The Odyssey, was written by Homer and recaps Odysseus’ journey back to his home in Ithaca. Odysseus soon leaves Ithaca in search of new adventures. 27 men die, and the last ship is destroyed. With Armand Assante, Greta Scacchi, Isabella Rossellini, Bernadette Peters. However, the sailors foolishly open the bag while Odysseus sleeps, thinking that it contains gold. Odysseus and his … (~750) ancient Greek epic poem featuring the adventures of the hero Odysseus (or Ulysses) in his journey throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Dante did not have access to the original Greek texts of the Homeric epics, so his knowledge of their subject-matter was based only on information from later sources, chiefly Virgil's Aeneid but also Ovid; hence the discrepancy between Dante and Homer. New Yankee 8: Journey of Odysseus is rated 4.7 out of 5 by 6. Now that the shore is close, the figures remain shapeless, the words of all people languages lack of meaning.. in recent years 30,000 ringing bells, figure without form, without a name, looking for a land to make sense to their hope. He sails on and visits the witch-goddess Circe. The Odyssey – Odysseus’ Journey and His Women Professor Bettany Hughes, Award Winning Historian, Author and Broadcaster . While the Greeks admired his cunning and deceit, these qualities did not recommend themselves to the Romans, who possessed a rigid sense of honour. Tiresias is a renowned prophet, and at the time of Odysseus, he's already dead. Death and Rebirth: After being gone for so many years, Odysseus’ mother … Directed by Anton Giulio Pandolfo. In the series, he is fairly old and an unwilling ally of Agamemnon. Konchalovsky’s miniseries begins with Odysseus’s departure from Ithaca and tells the story of The Iliad before it launches into the action of The Odyssey. Next Odysseus meets the spirit of his own mother, who had died of grief during his long absence. Approved by eNotes Editorial Team Posted on December 2, 2011 at 1:19 AM After Odysseus's last trouble he visits the island Aeaea, he then sends some of his men in there to scout the area, his men sadly don't return. They put together a large horse to sit and wait in, and in a building where the Trojans were celebrating, for they thought they had won the war. In vase inscriptions, we find the variants Oliseus (Ὀλισεύς), Olyseus (Ὀλυσεύς), Olysseus (Ὀλυσσεύς), Olyteus (Ὀλυτεύς), Olytteus (Ὀλυττεύς) and Ōlysseus (Ὠλυσσεύς). The final section of The Odyssey is called the Nostos (“homecoming” in Greek). With his disguise foiled, he is exposed and joins Agamemnon's call to arms among the Hellenes. After a grueling twenty-year journey, Odysseus finds peace at the end of the epic poem. During the funeral games for Patroclus, Odysseus becomes involved in a wrestling match with Ajax "The Greater" and foot race with Ajax "The Lesser," son of Oileus and Nestor's son Antilochus. Although his first instinct is to shoot Odysseus, his anger is eventually diffused by Odysseus' persuasive powers and the influence of the gods. This is used as a plot device to explain the origins of such myths as those of Circe and the Gorgons. Having one tragic flaw, being his arrogance, was put to the test throughout his heroic journey. [32], The story of the death of Palamedes has many versions. Poseidon has harbored a bitter grudge against Odysseus since the hero blinded his son, the Cyclops Polyphemus, earlier in his travels. In Virgil's Aeneid, written between 29 and 19 BC, he is constantly referred to as "cruel Odysseus" (Latin dirus Ulixes) or "deceitful Odysseus" (pellacis, fandi fictor). According to the Iliad and Odyssey, his father is Laertes[18] and his mother Anticlea, although there was a non-Homeric tradition[19][20] that Sisyphus was his true father. Visit mysterious islands filled with magical creatures on the way. Bloom's day turns out to bear many elaborate parallels to Odysseus' ten years of wandering. Odysseus tries to avoid it by feigning lunacy, as an oracle had prophesied a long-delayed return home for him if he went. In 5th century BC Athens, tales of the Trojan War were popular subjects for tragedies. He found them on that site in Pheneus. Tiresias told Odysseus that no matter what happened, avoid the livestock. For information on user permissions, please read our Terms of Service. mythological spirit or deity associated with an aspect of the natural landscape, such as a river or forest. When the disguised Odysseus returns after 20 years, he is recognized only by his faithful dog, Argos. The actors who have portrayed Odysseus in feature films include Kirk Douglas in the Italian Ulysses (1955), John Drew Barrymore in The Trojan Horse (1961), Piero Lulli in The Fury of Achilles (1962), and Sean Bean in Troy (2004). Bloomington: Research Center for Language and Semiotic Studies, Indiana University, 1976. Noun . Any interactives on this page can only be played while you are visiting our website. [14] Robert S. P. Beekes has suggested a Pre-Greek origin. Eventually, resolving to continue his journey home, Odysseus was advised by Circe to visit the underworld and seek the advice of the Theban seer Teiresias who would give him travel directions. He in turn offers a first-person account of some of the same events Homer relates, in which Ulysses appears directly. A great warrior, Pyrrhus is also called Neoptolemus (Greek for "new warrior"). Showing all 1 items Jump to: Summaries (1) Summaries. Book XI of the Odyssey shows Odysseus’ symbolic death and rebirth: a journey into the psyche of Odysseus in which he learns both about his past and future and comes to terms with his responsibilities as a leader, a father, a husband, and a hero. Capri, The Blue Grotto, and the Myth of the Sirens, Researchers Discover Vast Black Coral Forest, The Mythic Scheria and the Legendary Phaeacians. In Euripides' tragedy Iphigenia at Aulis, having convinced Agamemnon to consent to the sacrifice of his daughter, Iphigenia, to appease the goddess Artemis, Odysseus facilitates the immolation by telling Iphigenia's mother, Clytemnestra, that the girl is to be wed to Achilles. Ancient authors linked the name to the Greek verbs odussomai (ὀδύσσομαι) “to be wroth against, to hate”,[7] to oduromai (ὀδύρομαι) “to lament, bewail”,[8][9] or even to ollumi (ὄλλυμι) “to perish, to be lost”. Nikos Kazantzakis' The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel (1938), a 33,333 line epic poem, begins with Odysseus cleansing his body of the blood of Penelope's suitors. He also met many fallen heroes such as Hercules, Achilles, and Agamemnon. Each group has specific tales they tell and many serve a purpose such as entertainment, cultural preservation, or instilling moral values. The ancient Phoenicians built a maritime civilization around the Mediterranean Sea. On his return, he is recognized only by his faithful dog and a nurse. Odikweos first aids William Walker's rise to power in Achaea and later helps bring Walker down after seeing his homeland turn into a police state. George Clooney plays Ulysses Everett McGill, leading a group of escapees from a chain gang through an adventure in search of the proceeds of an armoured truck heist. This situation is also an important factor that leads to his rebirth, when he at last is free and ready to resume his journey to Ithaca. Odysseus (/oʊˈdɪsiəs, oʊˈdɪsjuːs/;[1] Greek: Ὀδυσσεύς, Ὀδυσεύς, Ὀdysseús [odyse͜ús]), also known by the Latin variant Ulysses (US: /juːˈlɪsiːz/, UK: /ˈjuːlɪsiːz/; Latin: Ulyssēs.mw-parser-output .noitalic{font-style:normal}, Ulixēs), is a legendary Greek king of Ithaca and the hero of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey. Odysseus … With Arnold Vosloo, Steve Bacic, JR Bourne, Stefanie von Pfetten. Text on this page is printable and can be used according to our Terms of Service. A man by the name of Palamedes did not believe Odysseus to be crazy and to prove his hypothesis, he placed Odysseus’ son in front of the plow. All ways of dying are hateful to us poor mortals, true, but to die of hunger, starve to death- that’s the worst of all. The Odyssey was probably a popular … For example, if … He was a general in the Trojan War, being key in the city's fall. Miller's Circe tells of Odysseus's visit to Circe's island from Circe's point of view, and includes the birth of their son Telegonus, and Odysseus' inadvertent death when Telegonus travels to Ithaca to meet him. Odysseus cleverly discovers which among the women before him is Achilles when the youth is the only one of them to show interest in examining the weapons hidden among an array of adornment gifts for the daughters of their host. Leaving the task of civilizing his people to his son, he gathers together a band of old comrades "to sail beyond the sunset". Please help fund future development by supporting us on Patreon for as little as $1/month. The warrior King Odysseus leaves his idyllic life in the kingdom of Ithaca to fight in the Trojan War. Good vs. Are the Giants of Mount Prama Odyssey's Laestrygonians? Odysseus aids Diomedes during the night operations to kill Rhesus, because it had been foretold that if his horses drank from the Scamander River, Troy could not be taken. Odysseus’s final two revelations—to Penelope and Laertes—are the most important. The Fall : Odysseus’ men and ship all die at the wrath of Zeus’ lightning bolt after his crew ate the sacred cattle of Helios. Two stories in particular are well known: When Helen is abducted, Menelaus calls upon the other suitors to honour their oaths and help him to retrieve her, an attempt that leads to the Trojan War. Odysseus speaks with Tiresias, and Tiresias cautions Odysseus on Helios' cattle and warns him about Scylla and Charybdis. Love making maps on Tripline? They visit the lethargic Lotus-Eaters and are captured by the Cyclops Polyphemus while visiting his island. mythological creature, half-woman and half-bird, who sings tantalizing songs to lure sailors to shipwrecks and death. Date published: 2020-06-23 . In his Ajax, Sophocles portrays Odysseus as a modern voice of reasoning compared to the title character's rigid antiquity. slaughter. On their voyage, the gang encounter—amongst other characters—a trio of Sirens and a one-eyed bible salesman. When he returns to his senses, in shame at how he has slaughtered livestock in his madness, Ajax kills himself by the sword that Hector had given him after their duel.[36]. Since a prophecy suggested that the Trojan War would not be won without Achilles, Odysseus and several other Achaean leaders went to Skyros to find him. Odysseus’s Journey Odysseus started out from Troy with twelve ships to return to Ithica in Greece. Hermes warns Odysseus about Circe and gives him a drug called moly, which resists Circe's magic. It is built by Epeius and filled with Greek warriors, led by Odysseus. Odysseus' Last Journey 29 unpublished variants has been made. If a media asset is downloadable, a download button appears in the corner of the media viewer. Helios tells Zeus what happened and demands Odysseus' men be punished or else he will take the sun and shine it in the Underworld. Odysseus and his crew remain with her on the island for one year, while they feast and drink. The poem, like the others of the cycle, is "lost" in that no authentic version has been discovered. She or he will best know the preferred format. Odysseus speaks with Tiresias, and Tiresias cautions Odysseus on Helios' cattle and warns him about Scylla and Charybdis. As a consequence, the variet ies of form and the international distribution of the story are not known 9. His crews stayed too long and lost twelve to eighteen men on each ship when a large force of Ciconians descended on them. [15] In Etruscan religion the name (and stories) of Odysseus were adopted under the name Uthuze (Uθuze), which has been interpreted as a parallel borrowing from a preceding Minoan form of the name (possibly *Oduze, pronounced /'ot͡θut͡se/); this theory is supposed to explain also the insecurity of the phonologies (d or l), since the affricate /t͡θ/, unknown to the Greek of that time, gave rise to different counterparts (i. e. δ or λ in Greek, θ in Etruscan).[16]. He figures in the end of the story of King Telephus of Mysia. Odysseus has traditionally been viewed as Achilles' antithesis in the Iliad:[30] while Achilles' anger is all-consuming and of a self-destructive nature, Odysseus is frequently viewed as a man of the mean, a voice of reason, renowned for his self-restraint and diplomatic skills. Odysseus and his men take a wooden stake, ignite it with the remaining wine, and blind him. Odysseus is shipwrecked and befriended by the Phaeacians. Ulysses 31 is a French-Japanese animated television series (1981) that updates the Greek mythology of Odysseus to the 31st century. [33], When Achilles is slain in battle by Paris, it is Odysseus and Telamonian Ajax who retrieve the fallen warrior's body and armour in the thick of heavy fighting. Odysseus is accredited with many strong traits including his nobility, smarts, and bravery. Plato in his dialogue Hippias Minor examines a literary question about whom Homer intended to portray as the better man, Achilles or Odysseus. Finally, Odysseus' men convince him to leave for Ithaca. He appears in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida (1602), set during the Trojan War. Odysseus sends his men out to find food and they begin to eat the Lotus Flowers. Palamedes, at the behest of Menelaus' brother Agamemnon, seeks to disprove Odysseus' madness and places Telemachus, Odysseus' infant son, in front of the plow. When Odysseus decided to start that last journey he knew that he wouldn’t had come back home, he knew that if he would have passed The Pillars of Hercules there was no going back, but he decided to travel anyway, forced by his thirst of knowledge and the will to overcome human obstacles – to go beyond, and to discover what was undiscoverable. This caused them to stop caring about going home, and desire only to eat the lotus. [22] Odysseus is said to have a younger sister, Ctimene, who went to Same to be married and is mentioned by the swineherd Eumaeus, whom she grew up alongside, in book 15 of the Odyssey.[23]. [41] According to the legends Odysseus lost his mares and traversed the Greece in search of them. (~800 BCE) probably fictitious author of the ancient Greek epics The Iliad and The Odyssey. Book XI of the Odyssey shows Odysseus’ symbolic death and rebirth: a journey into the psyche of Odysseus in which he learns both about his past and future and comes to terms with his responsibilities as a leader, a father, a husband, and a hero. On Mount Olympus, Zeus sends Hermes to … He draws the wrestling match, and with the help of the goddess Athena, he wins the race.[29]. Love making maps on Tripline? So up with you now, let’s drive off the pick of Helios’ … Terms of Service |  They land on the island of Thrinacia. Upon their arrival, Philoctetes (still suffering from the wound) is seen still to be enraged at the Danaans, especially at Odysseus, for abandoning him. Perhaps Odysseus' most famous contribution to the Greek war effort is devising the strategem of the Trojan Horse, which allows the Greek army to sneak into Troy under cover of darkness. Join our community of educators and receive the latest information on National Geographic's resources for you and your students. All of the winds fly out, and the resulting storm drives the ships back the way they had come, just as Ithaca comes into sight. siren. On returning to … Men, says Ulisse, are not made to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.[44]. In this journey, Odysseus learns several life lessons that applied to our lives. In Madeline Miller's The Song of Achilles (a retelling of the Trojan War as well as the life of Patroclus and his romance with Achilles), Odysseus is a major character with much the same role he had in Homer's "Illiad", though it is expanded upon. 10. Ovid retells parts of Ulysses' journeys, focusing on his romantic involvements with Circe and Calypso, and recasts him as, in Harold Bloom's phrase, "one of the great wandering womanizers." Zeus revenge on Odysseus for killing Helios' cattle. Storytelling is the cultural practice of sharing stories with others. Here is the chronological order of Odysseus’ journey home: Odysseus leaves his home tot fight the war in Troy. mythological creature, half-woman and half-bird, who sings tantalizing songs to lure sailors to shipwrecks and death. When Palamedes reaches the bottom, the two proceed to bury him with stones, killing him. a map created on Tripline. The supposed last poem in the Epic Cycle is called the Telegony and is thought to tell the story of Odysseus' last voyage, and of his death at the hands of Telegonus, his son with Circe. Guided by Circe's instructions, Odysseus and his crew cross the ocean and reach a harbor at the western edge of the world, where Odysseus sacrifices to the dead and summons the spirit of the old prophet Tiresias for advice. chemical substance that dulls or soothes the senses when it enters the bloodstream. Frederick Rolfe's The Weird of the Wanderer (1912) has the hero Nicholas Crabbe (based on the author) travelling back in time, discovering that he is the reincarnation of Odysseus, marrying Helen, being deified and ending up as one of the three Magi. Odysseus and his crew escape, but Odysseus rashly reveals his real name, and Polyphemus prays to Poseidon, his father, to take revenge. Having done so, he proceeds to slaughter the suitors (beginning with Antinous whom he finds drinking from Odysseus' cup) with help from Telemachus and two of Odysseus' servants, Eumaeus the swineherd and Philoetius the cowherd. Strabo writes that on Meninx (Ancient Greek: Μῆνιγξ) island, modern Djerba at Tunisia, there was an altar of the Odysseus.[50]. On his journey there, the hero met his mother, Antikleia, who had died from grief at her son’s continued absence. Rated 5 out of 5 by dawn0603 from Great Game! Sailing once more in his newly-built boat, alone, Odysseus completes the last leg of his journey toward home. The natives were unknown to Odysseus and his crew, so they went exploring and came across a cave filled with livestock and children.
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