compared by means of t-tests. FIRE and flood are two of humanity’s worst nightmares. The snow from far Wyoming would melt in the season of 8………………………….. and caused a flood flow peak in Colorado river. Complete the summary using the list of words A-J belowWrite the correct letter, A-J, in boxes 31-35 on your answer sheet. However, ignoring unknown words, guessing them and looking them up in a dictionary cannot compensate for lack of good, ABSTRACT This study attempts to answer two questions concerning the reading threshold needed for English for A cademic Purposes texts: I. 51-62), share something you learned about paragraphs and how you might use it in your writing. But in the case of the target items, a mismatch between the English and the Hebrew parts of the entry was built in. -mother's language; how author feels-other peoples reactions; how it affected Amy (would make calls for her mom)-influenced Amy's writing (four Englishes)-better explain her mother's tongue and how others were effected (including herself)-breaking the paragraphs (spaces)-7 space 17 space The teacher asks students to compare their answers with other classmates. The measurement of the threshold was conducted by: 1) location of a group of students who were on this level; 2), Bilingualised dictionaries contain the monolingual information about a word and its translation into the learner's mother tongue. Besides providing staple food crops, plants are a source of many machines and the principal supply of fuel and building materials in many parts of the world. What Tan is classifying in this essay is the different kinds of English she uses. Even so, it may turn out to be an empty gesture. A writer of such a grammar should take into consideration the similar form/ different meaning problem; he should find out where exactly the student's pre-college learning may have led him to false pattern analogies; and finally he must identify the semantic troublemakers resulting from the structural differences between English and the student's mother tongue. An attempt is made by the authors to investigate and evaluate the use of the mother-tongue in teaching a second/foreign language. The Millennium Seed Bank aims to ensure that even if a plant becomes extinct in the wild, it won’t be lost forever. By the time children become an adolescent chasm. The suggestions, based on a review of the literature and on my experience in teaching composition courses at UCLA, center around the following three areas: 1) the revision of current classes in intermediate English so as to teach free composition instead of merely advanced controlled writing; 2) the unwanted and partially-opened Pandora's box of composition correction coupled with the question of what students do with the 'corrected' compositions to affect change and improvement in their writing techniques and use of language; and 3) the improvement of the over-all composition-teaching approach. There are also some follow-up response questions. Later, the English botanist Sir Joseph Banks – who was the first director of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and travelled with Captain James Cook on his voyages near the end of the 18th century – was so driven to expand his collections that he sent botanists around the world at his own expense. One response of each two was an exact equivalent, the other an approximate one. Practice reading … 30   Why are some people suspicious about mother tongue-based teaching programmes? Mother Tongue 767 Words | 4 Pages. Yet, across the globe, plant species are being driven to extinction before their potential benefits are discovered. So if a flood is going to do some good, this is the time to unleash one. The results include information of the gross morphology, pollen fertilities and meiotic pairing behaviour of F1 hybrids supplemented by data on the karyotype morphology and DNA contents of parenthal plants. (NOTE: The text for "Mother Tongue" is NOT included in this resource as it is not in the public domain. The significant role of mother tongue language in education. However, such writing, which is uncontrolled and mostly uncorrected, is often frustrating for both the student and the teacher, and its value has been felt to be doubtful.The experiment described in the paper aims at finding out whether students writing in their mother tongue (Hebrew) and thus deprived of the opportunity to be exposed to English through writing, could achieve the same reading comprehension level as their peers who write English throughout the course.Results showed twice (the experiment was conducted two consecutive years) that writing in Hebrew did not hinder the progress in English comprehension and that uncontrolled writing in English in the control group did not contribute to it. And a similar revelation is now dawning on hydrologists. Play this game to review Reading. Good Answers to Tough Questions in Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education Good Answers to Tough Questions (GATQ) in Mother Tongue–Based Multilingual Education The idea of using local languages of instruction in the primary grades is catching the interest of … Some seek seeds for profit-hunters in the employ of biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies and private corporations on the lookout for species that will yield the drugs or crops of the future. Without the cloudy water, the chub became vulnerable. Floods often cause damage to homes and business if they are in the natural flood plains of rivers. In fact, the research is very clear. That is why a man-made torrent has been surging down the Grand Canyon. Transfer across languages can be two-way: both languages nurture each other when the educational environment permits children to access to both languages. Read Amy Tan's essay "Mother Tongue" then select the best answer for each question. But he admits that the biggest challenge is finding, naming and categorizing all the world’s plants. • Tan says that experts believe that a person’s “developing language skills are more … Indepen- dent raters rated the students' summaries and the scores of the two groups were, The paper presents an approach to teaching gramar to university students in a reading comprehension course in EFL. The study’s findings are instructive for similar contexts where the goal is to teach children in their mother tongue. 7   Mighty floods drove fast-moving flows with clean and high-quality water. Morris, I., The Teachin~ of English as a Second Language, Use of the Mother Tongue in the ESL Classroom, Cytogenetic and cladistic studies in Anacyclus (Compositae: Anthemideae), Lexical Guessing in Context in EFL Comprehension, Vocabulary size tests as predictors of reading comprehension, Improving L2 reading and summarizing skills through explicit instruction in text structure, An approach to teaching grammar for comprehension purposes, Written answers in Hebrew to English comprehension questions: some advantages. PSLE: Higher Mother Tongue students learn quantitatively more words per chapter- these words are also more advanced than the MTL syllabus. Stored seeds can be used the help restore damaged or destroyed the environment or in scientific research to find new benefits for society- in medicine, agriculture or local industry- that would otherwise be lost. Those glorious inundations moved massive quantities of sediment through the Grand Canyon, wiping the slate dirty, and making a muddy mess of silt and muck that would make modern river rafters cringe. The average progress of students writing in Hebrew was somewhat better.Moreover, writing in Hebrew contributed to a better learning situation consisting of additional time left for individual practice, removal of students' frustration in not being able to say what they want, and the feeling on the parts of both student and teacher that comprehension has been assessed fairly. A   They worry that children will be slow to learn to read in either language. ... answer choices . If they cannot be inferred, they can be looked up in a dictionary. Clay et al. Others collect to conserve, working to halt the sad slide into extinction facing so many plant species. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. The challenge for educators and policy-makers is to shape the evolution of national identity in such a way that the rights of all citizens (including school children) are respected, and the cultural, linguistic, and economic resources of the nation are maximized. d. Studies of secondary school pupils are providing interesting findings in this area, and it would be worth extending this research. A language is much more than just a way of communicating. There are three distinctive groups within the experimental taxa, a pair of closely related perennials and two groups of annuals. To waste the resources of the nation by discouraging children from developing their mother tongues is quite simply unintelligent from the point of view of national self-interest. In some countries, MTB-MLE includes four languages—the students’ mother tongue or first language, a regional language, the national language In five items, the English part of the entry was wrong, in the other five—the Hebrew. A good dictionary is certainly helpful for finding the meaning of unknown words, assuming the reader knows how to use the dictionary efficiently. All content in this area was uploaded by Batia Laufer on Nov 10, 2018. widdowson, H. G., Langua@e Teachin~ Texts, London, Floods once raged through the canyon every year. True . After reading Chapter 4 in The Norton Sampler (pp. 29   The writer believes that when young children have a firm grasp of their mother tongue, A   they can teach older family members what they learn at school, B   they go on to do much better throughout their time at school, C   they can read stories about their cultural background. 28   Why does the writer refer to something that Goethe said? They have more practice in processing language, especially when they develop literacy in both. grandparents) are able to spend time with their children and tell stories or discuss issues with them in a way that develops their mother tongue, children come to school well-prepared to learn the school language and succed educationally. Your email address will not be published. Each learner was classified by his favourite look-up pattern, whether it was using one specific language, or different languages for different words, or both languages for the same words. As a medium of instruction, the mother tongue is used in all learning areas from Kindergarten to Grade 3, except in the teaching of Filipino and English subjects. These two worksheets will require your students to go back into the text to provide insight into everything from Tan's childhood to stereotypes. (1998) as cited by Sequin (2010) posts that the best entering into literacy is through the use of child’s native language. mother tongue aside from the official school language of instruction. There are about 1,470 seedbanks scattered around the globe, with a combined total of 5.4 million samples, of which perhaps two million are distinct non-duplicates. Steve Gloss, of the United States’ Geological Survey (USGS), reckons that the chub’s decline is the result of their losing their most valuable natural defense, Colorado’s rusty sediment. In the past, the canyon was raged by flood every year. Which TWO of the following are provided by plants to the human? Floods are people’s nightmare. However, one can have two or more native languages thus being a native bilingual or indeed multilingual. “Storage is the basis what we do, conserving seeds until you can use them just as in farming,” Smith says there’s no reason why any plant species should become extinct, given today’s technology. In the years since the Glen Canyon dam was built, several species have vanished altogether. Schools in Europe and North America have experienced this diversity for years, but educational policies and practices vary widely between countries and even within countries. One consequence of population mobility is increasing diversity within schools. to their mother tongue. Floods are people’s nightmare. All who wish to draw from the most recent thinking in the field will welcome this new edition. These were presented in their bilingualised form, with the monolingual information and the translation. Required fields are marked *. • What point is she making with the example of the stockbroker? So this one isn't about reading but it's just as important for developing language. Read Amy Tan's essay "Mother Tongue" then select the best answer for each question. Then several species disappeared including Colorado pike-minnow. The implications of this loss are enormous. E. Reading Approach. How can it be described in terms of its components, linguistic and conceptual? No one really knows to what extent students use context in guessing the meaning of new words. Some teachers of advanced learners of EFL (English as a foreign language) prefer to expose students to new words in context, hoping students will acquire the vocabulary through contextual clues; whereas others explicitly teach and drill vocabulary. Reading Approach . 1   Damage caused by a fire is worse than that caused by the flood. 18   technological development is the only hope to save plant species. Even if we can use contex-tual clues successfully, not all contexts provide clues for unknown words. 2019 IELTSTrainingOnline. In the essay “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan explains that she “began to write stories using all the Englishes I grew up with.” How these “different Englishes” or even a language other than English contribute to identity is a crucial issue for adolescents. D   The law on mother tongue use at school should be strengthened. After reading Chapter 4 in The Norton Sampler (pp. One of the most strongly established findings of educational research, however, is that well-implemented bilingual programs can promote literacy and subject- matter knowledge in a minority language without any negative effects on children’s development in the majority language. Many seed banks are themselves under threat due to a lack of funds. One consequence of population mobility is increasing diversity within schools. C. Presentation Practice Production. But looking up a large number of words may consume too much time and interfere with reading fluency. 2. Even a native speaker cannot be considered to perfectly know his/her mother tongue. Similarly, at more advanced stages, there is transfer across languages in other skills such as knowing how to distinguish the main idea from the supporting details of a written passage or story and distinguishing fact from opinion.
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