ASPD (Pistol): 153.1 with Bersek Potion Full Blast (at level 10, it has the same power as Chain Crush Combo 9) (The Shotgun and Desperado builds can be combined for an AOE-based build) Rifle: This build is mainly focused around rifle skills Weapons: Rifle High DEX is a must. Wounding Shot (Deals 200% damage at level 5 and has a low chance of causing Bleeding.) You can use the powerful blast and thundering sound of your firearm to shake the resolve of a creature. For newcomers,a speciallist build is certainly recommended as it is much simpler to make. The goal, when using this build, is to gather a mob of several monsters at once and kill them together using the Desperado skill. Third, for-fun builds are encouraged. Coin Fling 1 Agi i wasted my agi 11 doesnt have effect in anyways. I mean I would like more explanation on how does it work each build… Since we were granted a 35m range of attack we are rarely forced to stay in certain spots and enjoy a vast freedom of moveme… Tracker type only worths if you use a KVM rifle +9, which is prerty hard to obtain, Bull’s Eye you should study them and then make your own gs… DEX INT VIT is the best. Often, having a lot of VIT would limit the need for high defensive equipment. All buffs take into account the basic Gunslinger buffs and potion of wild fury. Disarm 5 Last updated on October 30th, 2019. From pistols to full-fledged miniguns, there is a weapon for every playstyle in Fallout 3. Th… Full Blast 9 ASPD (Shotgun \ Launch Grenades): 72.8 Cracker 1. And as of the current Patch 6.0.2 we have all the tools we need to excel in this role. Triple Action 1 Cards: Any that can increase damage against Demihumans or inflict a status ailment. They have the fastest base attack speed in the game, not including Dracolyte or Tomb Raiser. Ragnarok Online Gunslinger skill effect and description. All builds here NOT include buffs, potions and equipment. Cracker The explosion`s effect varies according to the type of bullet planted. When Summon Spirit Sphere is cast by a Gunslinger, they gain a coin used for skills. I mean its really complicated for beginners to build a hybrid slingers. Second, this is not a place for ranting about this class. Chain Action 10 Is is Ok?… Which one is better? Legionairres,however will be focused on further improving existing skills and more debuffs,so Revolvers,Rifles and Shotguns will be their main weapons of choice. Cards: Archer Skeleton Any Status inflicting cards Any cards that can boost your stats, Trigun: Named after the anime, this is mainly a for-fun build that mainly uses CRIT to deal damage and dodging as much attacks as possible. Disarm 5 Chain Action 3 When you make a firearm attack against a creature, you can expend one grit point to attempt to dizzy your opponent. Weapon type: Pistols, Gatling The stats you want in this are DEX and AGI. If you’re starting out on an DEX/INT build, this makes for a safer, cheaper alternative to Desperado. Lv10 full blast consumes around 60 sp iirc and i … Snake Eyes 10 when it comes to handguns these are the best guns for each build. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. Skills: Desperado 10 (obviously) The rest is up to you, but having a lot of INT and VIT can get you some Shotgun skills as well. The first is mainly for normal attacks, relyi… Gunslinger: More accuracy and handling can't be a bad thing when you're playing as a sniper. My Build: ASPD-based Top stats: AGI (90-something), DEX (99). If used on players, it has the same effect as Divest Weapon. ASPD (Galtling Gun): 185 with Last Stand, Bersek Potion, Increase Acuracy and Galtling Fever activated. Vit 59 +1 Crowd Control Shot 3 Effect. My gunslinger build: Name: The Gunslinger SPECIAL STATS: S:5, P:8, E:3, C:2, I:4, A:8, L:10 Tagged Skills: Small Guns, Gambling, Outdoorsman Traits: One-Hander, Finesse General Playstyle: Criticals lots and lots of criticals By the end of the game, I was one shotting deathclaws with eye shots. Optional skills: Last Stand (Immobilizes you, but your ATK and ASPD gets a pretty good boost.)
2020 gunslinger full blast build