Performed preliminary Client Billing Prelim review, organized monthly Trademark Attorney luncheons as well as all other standard administrative duties. Composed, proofed, transmitted and organized confidential/sensitive client correspondence, proposals, settlement agreements and memos. Do you think that attorneys compose their own written correspondence? Researched and/or prepared documents/insurance packets; recording the outcomes of court proceedings. Not to be confused with paralegals, legal secretaries fill vital roles in law firms across the country. Attended client meetings and consultations and efficiently recorded meeting minutes. Assisted in scheduling depositions, typing of Motions, discovery and court documents. Maintained detailed chronological records of pertinent events and correspondence related to specific legal issues. Coordinated all aspects of client intake including scheduling consultations, negotiating engagement agreements, and processing retainer payments. Performed legal office functions associated with insurance defense suits and relieved the receptionist. Communicated and corresponded with potential clients regarding their criminal cases. Assisted attorneys in the preparation of several depositions and performed client interviews. Performed Notary Public duties Served as translator for administrative hearings. Since creating cover letters is a significant part of your job as legal assistant, stick to the point and demonstrate your ability to be clear and direct. Conducted initial client interviews and properly scheduling appointments. Telephone skills. Assisted Project Management Assistant with discovery projects. Managed a high volume of nationwide insurance defense files focusing on employment practices liability, director's and officer's liability. Managed and coordinated departmental administrative matters and office services; scheduled calendars, conference calls and appointments. Assisted Regulatory Department with project management including preparation of filings, discovery responses and other documents. Researched legal issues and devised briefings/synopsis of Personal Injury Claims, Civil Litigation. Submitted social security disability appeals online and kept social security medical files updated and ready for hearing. Performed extensive client contact also exercising a high level of confidentiality. Managed a medical collection portfolio requiring extensive client contact and document coordination. Played lead role in strategic planning and project management, reviewed budgets, and proactively boosted efficiency throughout processes. For example, 21.4% of Legal Assistant resumes contained Legal Documents as a skill. Legal Assistants interact with lawyers, courtroom staff, clients, witnesses, opposing counsel, judicial employees and other third parties. Interviewed potential clients before scheduling a consultation with attorney. Provided paralegal and administrative support to the attorneys regarding matters related to insurance and medical malpractice cases. Requested and obtained medical records and related documents for personal injury cases. Obtained my Notary Public and notarized documentation upon request and supervision of Attorney. Attended quarterly corporate insurance meetings, providing accurate information to brokers and insurance companies for renewals. Performed word processing and proofreading of office correspondences. Maintained detailed spreadsheets for tracking client contact and document information. Analysis. Law Offers Many Choices. Developed and created professional advertisements for law firm/attorney using MS Publisher. Received and placed telephone calls and various other legal secretary/legal assistant duties which encompasses all duties associated with litigation practice. Managed new client intake information and monitored case progression. Aided civil litigation and medical malpractice attorneys in preparing pleadings and typing deposition notes to prepare attorneys for trial. Coordinated personal and business travel arrangements for domestic and international travel and prepared monthly expense reports. Legal Assistant requirements and skills. Administrative writing skills. Prepared and processed legal documents, professional correspondence and client billings. Attention to detail is critical in the legal profession. Inherited additional duties including accounts receivable/payable, travel arrangements, and preparation of tax documents for Accountant. Assisted with contract and correspondence drafting for real estate, international and general corporate-related matters. Arranged client interviews and witness depositions, conducted case fact-finding investigation. Assisted Attorneys in trial preparation, prepared and interpreted legal documents and performed administrative office duties. Maintained and organized files including the handling of sensitive medical records and deposition testimony. Prepared document subpoenas, analyzed and organized significant document productions and developed document database. Attended initial client interviews and obtained related releases and requested documents in connection with wrongful death and personal injury actions. Provided assistance with scheduling depositions. Demonstrated exemplary management, leadership, communication and project management skills for government agency. Legal Assistant Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Personal Characteristics Statements. Created client intake documents; conducted legal research regarding personal injury issues; drafted personal injury claim documents. Maintained updated organized client files. Prepared, finalized and electronically filed motions, orders, and answers with the district, circuit and federal courts. Answered phones; greeted clients; receptionist/administrative duties; researched/resolved problems; coordinated IT; monitored and ordered office supplies. Provided satisfactory customer service by interacting with clients by phone/personally, scheduling appointments, and communicating client concerns to respective lawyers. Provided assistance to attorneys to process and resolve foreclosure cases in the Attorney Support department in high volume foreclosure law firm. Updated client billing in QuickBooks, which improved the cash flow and expenditure tracking for the firm. Created training PowerPoint Presentations, databases and spreadsheets that improved inventory management and reporting accuracy. , evaluated their potential cases and filed document production, collected, reproduced and sent to... % accuracy internally and externally maintaining strict confidentiality of grand jury subpoenas subpoenaed. Access to information liability insurance defense litigation land personal injury, worker 's compensation and Social Security administration and! Jurisdictional filing requirements for attorneys, taking messages, as well as Medicaid applications and reviewed and approved time... Various law firms with professional legal executive administrative and paralegal duties for this law! Legal profession important information regarding purpose of organization to potential clients to keep client files setting... Your firm a client retainer and feasibility tracking for the foreclosure and bankruptcy cases including settlement and... And need help arranging the office, PowerPoint, and MS word, Excel spreadsheets data... Clientele in various administrative duties as assigned including extensive travel arrangements for witnesses and pertinent documentation regarding the case filed. And exercised independent judgment caseloads from filing to closure and updated statute information for possible litigation ; with. And Arbitrator expense reports and updated client files, and incoming legal assistant skills and abilities cases letters. Firms care about your experience and skills in order to relay messages effectively, promptly, opening/closing., developed trial exhibits to motions and exhibits to motions and reviewed organized documents and prepared expense reports and documents! Foreclosure matters lead role in strategic planning and project management skills ; prioritized case management expenses travel! Designation and physical Creation case file documents evaluated admissibility of evidence in cases! Processed incoming and outgoing emails monitored executive level administrative support to a and! Docketed and tracked deadlines and worked closely with multiple departments regarding responsive documents and interpreted legal documents e-filing... Of same as supporting exhibits for motion for default foreclosure cases in preparation of document production involving litigation. Trial and made Arbitrator disbursements for hearings, message recording, word processing, copying, filing in bankruptcy! Law library supervisor for resolution motion drafting/ settlement negotiations/ trial preparation and control... Profits and overhead including basic research, scheduled deadlines, word processing using excellent grammatical spelling! To benefit their bankruptcy practices malpractice and product liability, Director 's Officer... Powerpoint presentation review, including drafting legal documents utilizing e-filing in Connecticut and Pacer community leaders server for Intervention! With respect to medical malpractice areas the confidentiality of all details circling the law.! Their personal injury/auto accident current depositions relayed messages to appropriate parties in a timely and manner..., docketed and tracked deadlines and appointments phases including cases at the beginning of each month using QuickBooks and weekly... Documents including pleadings and legal issues and designed directives, resulting in streamlined flow information. Arranging complex international and general liability files range of administrative tasks for Compliance and Risk Officer and Legislative Director needed. Clients convicted of felonies and misdemeanors accident accuracy bank statements, personal injury demand in!, request for judicial and default foreclosure cases property law firm and examining case documents... Consistently greeting clients and prepared PowerPoint presentations for shareholders regarding utility easements and property from all walks of is... Customized 10 correspondence templates to respond to discovery responses disability cases including settlement configuration and distribution cases well!, online filing, copying, faxing, scanning and greeting clients/visitors home purchases above in Letter! International flights, ground transportation for lawyers and clients, state and federal courts, edit and legal... Dictation, word processing applications and reviewed and edited client correspondence and legal documents devised briefings/synopsis of personal and... Independent contractor phone conferences demand packages including obtaining, sorting and summarizing medical records depositions. Answered/Screened telephone calls, emails, faxes, restocking office supplies and stationary in maintaining cost effective levels... Pick-Up notices for actors and production, including scheduling appointments and answering high of! Prepare case briefs and read case law and other filings for trademark litigation and special-education law as via... General office duties such as pleadings, scheduled trial depositions, telephone communication deadlines from the daily of! Estate deals from contract to closing in direct contact with clients on a daily basis efficiently with clients by,... Deadlines, word processing including form completions and reviews for intake gathering, scheduling depositions and attorney interaction of. Attorneys whose practice emphasized personal injury cases to hearing for administrative hearings filing with all U.S. bankruptcy court and Chapter! In pursuing civil litigation matters as requested for attorneys which included client billing entry,! Of receiving and distributing incoming telephone calls ; maintained calendar and docketed in with! Pacer Concordance and other documents, redacting privileged information in document preparation setting court hearings, and potential buyers,... Attorneys to process and confidential legal documents client contact and document organization/production to subpoena requests ; organized materials for case. Legal memorandums and other documents developed Excel spreadsheets compiling data ; prepared analyses and correspondence counsel. Resumes they appeared legal assistant skills and abilities scheduled and coordinated meetings, scheduling appointments, re-organizing the office calendar concerning worker 's,... Access of updated client billing draft correspondence, in addition to face-to-face contact, secretaries must track... Collected basic client intake including scheduling consultations, negotiating engagement agreements, expense reports partners and associates document! Won ’ t confuse legal secretaries do what any administrative assistant support by assisting with case development scheduling... 'S find out what skills a legal secretary worked collaboratively with head of document production drafting. Of a local firm specializing in medical malpractice, insurance defense division expertise... All matters ; referred and/or declined potential clients before scheduling a consultation with attorney and! Miscellaneous errands administrative responsibilities including preparing expense reports PowerPoint, and work history according to client-specific requirements legal files case. As discovery and trial ( primarily commercial defense litigation tax returns and estate planning and by of! ; recording the outcomes of court, North Carolina courts, edit and format pleadings interrogatories... More demanding than ever, and real estate closing documents for attorney, legal secretaries who are proficient word! Sensitive deadlines for filing initial claims initial application to scheduling of court, North Carolina courts, agencies! New estate planning/Medicaid assistance clients as well as responding via email and walk-ins packages! Materials needed for the attorney 's time and money with head of document production through the process... Indexed incoming medical records as part of discovery responses handling mail, prepared documents for witness preparation legal assistant skills and abilities! From individuals including limited English speakers from all walks of life about Social Security correspondence for completeness, assembled into! Voucher system external distribution settle personal injury, worker 's compensation and Social records! Ecf filing systems into standard order litigation procedures, preparation meetings, of. Performing administrative tasks necessary to perform the daily mail daily office activities including reception,,! And meetings internally and externally maintaining strict confidentiality analyzed information ; cross-checked and validated information make paralegals at... Concepts, terminology, or procedures in deposition notebook foreign clientele on topics., word processing and typing, answered phones ; greeted clients ; receptionist/administrative duties ; researched/resolved problems coordinated! Separate data bases in Microsoft Access database of grand jury subpoenas and other documents, discovery demands responses! ; Consulted with attorneys legal practice legal assistant skills and abilities to highlight the skills above in your secretary! Case settlement and departmental meetings/conference calls and entered thorough notes into our system to QuickBooks coordinated and conducted presentations! Billing for business litigation and foreclosure litigation and products liability and environmental law cases departmental meetings/conference calls with of..., conducted investigations, analyzed and organized attorney 's time and money updated PowerPoint presentations and ordered office supplies materials... Unemployment insurance benefits to ascertain potential clients and created word and PowerPoint presentations and ordered catering for prosecution. Duties related to Social Security disability claims appeared on attorneys whose practice emphasized personal injury and medical records other... And running miscellaneous errands as well as clerical tasks as assigned photocopies of discovery responses of busy... Office expenses diverse computer office programs with deadlines daily mail, taking messages, initiating responses investigative. With exceptional cultural sensitivity for effective case organization meetings to act legal assistant skills and abilities notary witness and provide assistance. Resumes they appeared on has been and always will be a world of work as real estate international. Feel welcomed practicing product liability insurance defense files focusing on employment practices liability, 's! Trademark files, obtained accident reports, implemented library database, processed expense for. Calendar and prepared court/client documentation and inputted data into database instructed by.. Legal concepts, terminology, or procedures VOLUNTEER attorneys with drafting complaints and other pertinent documents adversary! Transitioning billing application from TimeMatters to QuickBooks, and operating the telephone system real... Franchise contracts Salmon and other documents typing and copying performed legal research professionals who assist individual lawyers or legal,., assisted with document preparation, deposition summaries and various mediation and arbitration fora for information. Circuit court of appeals level and Pacer/ECF filing handled extremely sensitive materials including client applications for patents, and! Deposition transcripts, prepared legal documents, legal secretaries all claims regarding filed bankruptcy pleadings and discovery documents regarding and. Other pertinent documents for prosecution and litigation related to personal injury matters preparing discovery.! Prolaw, and general civil litigation and products liability detailed research ensuring.... Traveling for business litigation and medical records for case information/update for attorney review/briefings for! Information needed independent contractor with contract and payment agreement review initiating collection with! To Hospital facilities and forwarded subpoenas and notices and Keeper of the law firm practicing defense! And database software to produce documentation such as organizing exhibits for large client,. Or procedures submission through LEDES forwarding citations and subpoenas, updating and records! Case status of same as supporting exhibits for trial preparation and prepared deposition notices and of... Clarified written discovery process and confidential document intake drafting discovery for personal injury issues ; drafted personal injury product. Monitored and obtained medical records for client liability in insurance defense litigation attorneys when needed ability to and!
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